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Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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|oNCheckersThis namespace provides some Types with a static member-function void enforce(bool) that may check wether the argument is true and create some kind of failure otherwise
|oNMissingMathMath functions not provided by the standard library
|oNNumericToolsTools to deal with limited precision in numeric computations
|oNRandomProvides several functions for random-numbers
|\NStringToolsMissing string functions
oNGraphBLASImplements the GraphBLAS interface
|oNLinkThresholderFilters given predictions based on some criterion and returns a vector of node-pairs that fulfill the given criterion
|\NRandomLinkSamplerProvides methods to randomly sample a number of edges from a given graph
oNOptionParserThe namespace of The Lean Mean C++ Option Parser
\NttmathNamespace for the TTMath library