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Here is a list of all modules:
oAlgebraicImplementation of special matrices and vector class for dealing with a graph
oCentralityImplementation of different centrality measures
oCoarseningImplementation of various graph coarsening/contraction algorithms
oCommunityVarious community detection and graph clustering algorithms
oConnected ComponentsVarious algorithms for detection of connected components
oCorrelationVarious algorithms computing the correlation of node attributes
oDistancesVarious distance related algorithms, e.g
oFlowImplementation of flow algorithms
oGeneratorsVarious graph generators
oGlobalCurrently ClusteringCoefficient and GlobalClusteringCoefficient
oGraphImplementation of the NetworKit graph and some general algorithms operating on graphs
oIndependent SetAlgorithms for finding independet sets in graphs
oInput and OutputImplementations for various input and output formats
oLink PredictionAlgorithms for predicting links in a graph
oMatchingImplementation of various matching algorithms
oOverlapAlgorithms for determining the overlap of multiple partitions
oStructuresImplementations of useful data structures
\VizAlgorithms for drawing a graph