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NetworKit::StablePartitionNodes Class Reference

Evaluates how stable a given partition is. More...

#include <StablePartitionNodes.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void run () override
 Execute the algorithm. More...
bool isStable (node u) const
 Check if a given node is stable, i.e. More...
virtual bool isSmallBetter () const override
 If small values are better. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from NetworKit::LocalPartitionEvaluation
 LocalPartitionEvaluation (const Graph &G, const Partition &P)
 Initialize the partition evaluation method. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from NetworKit::LocalCommunityEvaluation
virtual ~LocalCommunityEvaluation ()=default
 Default destructor for the virtual base class. More...
double getWeightedAverage () const
 Get the average value weighted by cluster size. More...
double getUnweightedAverage () const
 Get the (unweighted) average value of all clusters. More...
double getMaximumValue () const
 Get the maximum value of all clusters. More...
double getMinimumValue () const
 Get the minimum value of all clusters. More...
double getValue (index i) const
 Get the value of the specified cluster. More...
std::vector< double > getValues () const
 Get the values of all clusters. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from NetworKit::Algorithm
 Algorithm ()
 Constructor to the algorithm base class. More...
virtual ~Algorithm ()=default
 Virtual default destructor. More...
bool hasFinished () const
 Indicates whether an algorithm has completed computation or not. More...
void assureFinished () const
 Assure that the algorithm has been run, throws a std::runtime_error otherwise. More...
virtual std::string toString () const
 Returns a string with the algorithm's name and its parameters, if there are any. More...
virtual bool isParallel () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from NetworKit::LocalPartitionEvaluation
const GraphG
const PartitionP
- Protected Attributes inherited from NetworKit::LocalCommunityEvaluation
double weightedAverage
double unweightedAverage
double maximumValue
double minimumValue
std::vector< double > values
- Protected Attributes inherited from NetworKit::Algorithm
bool hasRun
 A boolean variable indicating whether an algorithm has finished its computation or not. More...

Detailed Description

Evaluates how stable a given partition is.

A node is considered to be stable if it has strictly more connections to its own partition than to other partitions. Isolated nodes are considered to be stable. The value of a cluster is the percentage of stable nodes in the cluster. Larger values indicate that a clustering is more stable and thus better defined.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool NetworKit::StablePartitionNodes::isSmallBetter ( ) const

If small values are better.

Here large values are better.


Implements NetworKit::LocalCommunityEvaluation.

bool NetworKit::StablePartitionNodes::isStable ( node  u) const

Check if a given node is stable, i.e.

more connected to its own partition than to other partitions.

uThe node to check
If the node u is stable.
void NetworKit::StablePartitionNodes::run ( )

Execute the algorithm.

Implements NetworKit::Algorithm.

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