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NetworKit::PubWebGenerator Class Reference

Generates a static graph that resembles an assumed geometric distribution of nodes in a P2P network. More...

#include <PubWebGenerator.h>

Public Member Functions

 PubWebGenerator ()
 PubWebGenerator (count numNodes, count numberOfDenseAreas, float neighborhoodRadius, count maxNumberOfNeighbors)
virtual Graph generate ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from NetworKit::StaticGraphGenerator
virtual ~StaticGraphGenerator ()=default
 Default destructor. More...

Protected Member Functions

void determineNeighbors (Graph &g)
void moveNodeIntoUnitSquare (float &x, float &y)
float squaredDistanceInUnitTorus (float x1, float y1, float x2, float y2)
void chooseDenseAreaSizes ()
void fillDenseAreas (Graph &g)
void spreadRemainingNodes (Graph &g)
void chooseClusterSizes ()
void addNodesToArea (index area, count num, Graph &g)
bool isValidEdge (Graph &g, node u, node v, edgeweight &ew)
void addNode (Graph &g)
 Adds nodes randomly, distribution respects original one. More...
void removeRandomNode (Graph &g)
 Removes random node, uniform distribution. More...

Protected Attributes

count n
 number of nodes More...
count numDenseAreas
 number of areas with more nodes (denser) More...
float neighRad
 neighborhood radius More...
count maxNeigh
 maximum number of neighbors More...
std::vector< circledenseAreaXYR
 position of each circular dense area More...
std::vector< countnumPerArea
 number of points in each circular area More...


class DynamicPubWebGenerator

Detailed Description

Generates a static graph that resembles an assumed geometric distribution of nodes in a P2P network.

The basic structure is to distribute points randomly in the unit torus and to connect vertices close to each other (at most neighRad distance and none of them already has maxNeigh neighbors). The distribution is chosen to get some areas with high density and others with low density. There are numDenseAreas dense areas, which can overlap. Each area is circular, has a certain position and radius and number of points. These values are strored in denseAreaXYR and numPerArea, respectively.

Used and described in more detail in J. Gehweiler, H. Meyerhenke: A Distributed Diffusive Heuristic for Clustering a Virtual P2P Supercomputer. In Proc. 7th High-Performance Grid Computing Workshop (HPGC'10), in conjunction with 24th IEEE Internatl. Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS'10), IEEE, 2010.

Reasonable parameters for constructor:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::PubWebGenerator ( )
NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::PubWebGenerator ( count  numNodes,
count  numberOfDenseAreas,
float  neighborhoodRadius,
count  maxNumberOfNeighbors 

Member Function Documentation

void NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::addNode ( Graph g)

Adds nodes randomly, distribution respects original one.

void NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::addNodesToArea ( index  area,
count  num,
Graph g 
void NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::chooseClusterSizes ( )
void NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::chooseDenseAreaSizes ( )
void NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::determineNeighbors ( Graph g)
void NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::fillDenseAreas ( Graph g)
Graph NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::generate ( )
bool NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::isValidEdge ( Graph g,
node  u,
node  v,
edgeweight ew 
void NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::moveNodeIntoUnitSquare ( float &  x,
float &  y 
void NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::removeRandomNode ( Graph g)

Removes random node, uniform distribution.

void NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::spreadRemainingNodes ( Graph g)
float NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::squaredDistanceInUnitTorus ( float  x1,
float  y1,
float  x2,
float  y2 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class DynamicPubWebGenerator

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<circle> NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::denseAreaXYR

position of each circular dense area

count NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::maxNeigh

maximum number of neighbors

count NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::n

number of nodes

float NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::neighRad

neighborhood radius

count NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::numDenseAreas

number of areas with more nodes (denser)

std::vector<count> NetworKit::PubWebGenerator::numPerArea

number of points in each circular area

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