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NetworKit::PageRank Class Reference

Compute PageRank as node centrality measure. More...

#include <PageRank.h>

Public Member Functions

 PageRank (const Graph &G, double damp=0.85, double tol=1e-8)
 Constructs the PageRank class for the Graph G. More...
virtual void run ()
 Computes page rank on the graph passed in constructor. More...
virtual double maximum ()
 Returns upper bound on the page rank: 1.0. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from NetworKit::Centrality
 Centrality (const Graph &G, bool normalized=false, bool computeEdgeCentrality=false)
 Constructs the Centrality class for the given Graph G. More...
virtual ~Centrality ()=default
 Default destructor. More...
virtual std::vector< double > scores (bool moveOut=false)
 Get a vector containing the centrality score for each node in the graph. More...
virtual std::vector< double > edgeScores ()
 Get a vector containing the edge centrality score for each edge in the graph (where applicable). More...
virtual std::vector< std::pair
< node, double > > 
ranking ()
 Get a vector of pairs sorted into descending order. More...
virtual double score (node v)
 Get the centrality score of node v calculated by run(). More...
virtual double centralization ()
 Compute the centralization of a network with respect to some centrality measure. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from NetworKit::Algorithm
 Algorithm ()
 Constructor to the algorithm base class. More...
virtual ~Algorithm ()=default
 Virtual default destructor. More...
bool hasFinished () const
 Indicates whether an algorithm has completed computation or not. More...
void assureFinished () const
 Assure that the algorithm has been run, throws a std::runtime_error otherwise. More...
virtual std::string toString () const
 Returns a string with the algorithm's name and its parameters, if there are any. More...
virtual bool isParallel () const

Protected Attributes

double damp
double tol
- Protected Attributes inherited from NetworKit::Centrality
const GraphG
std::vector< double > scoreData
std::vector< double > edgeScoreData
bool normalized
bool computeEdgeCentrality
- Protected Attributes inherited from NetworKit::Algorithm
bool hasRun
 A boolean variable indicating whether an algorithm has finished its computation or not. More...

Detailed Description

Compute PageRank as node centrality measure.

NOTE: There is an inconsistency in the definition in Newman's book (Ch. 7) regarding directed graphs; we follow the verbal description, which requires to sum over the incoming edges (as opposed to outgoing ones).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NetworKit::PageRank::PageRank ( const Graph G,
double  damp = 0.85,
double  tol = 1e-8 

Constructs the PageRank class for the Graph G.

[in]GGraph to be processed.
[in]dampDamping factor of the PageRank algorithm.
[in]tolError tolerance for PageRank iteration.

Member Function Documentation

double NetworKit::PageRank::maximum ( )

Returns upper bound on the page rank: 1.0.

This could be tighter by assuming e.g. a star graph with n nodes.

Reimplemented from NetworKit::Centrality.

void NetworKit::PageRank::run ( )

Computes page rank on the graph passed in constructor.

Implements NetworKit::Centrality.

Member Data Documentation

double NetworKit::PageRank::damp
double NetworKit::PageRank::tol

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