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SignalHandling.h File Reference
#include <cstdint>
#include <exception>

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class  Aux::SignalHandler
class  Aux::SignalHandling::InterruptException
 Special Exception to indicate, that a SIGINT has been received. More...




bool Aux::SignalHandling::gotSIGINT ()
 Returns true, if CTRL+C/SIGINT has been received, false otherwise. More...
void Aux::SignalHandling::setSIGINT (bool received)
 Sets the value of receivedSIGINT More...
void Aux::SignalHandling::init (SignalHandler *caller)
 Registers the function setRunning to be invoked, when CTRL+C/SIGINT is received. More...
void Aux::SignalHandling::reset (SignalHandler *caller)
 Resets receivedSIGINT to false and rootSet to false to allow a new initialization, if the calling object is the same as the root. More...