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MatrixTools.h File Reference
#include "../graph/Graph.h"
#include <atomic>

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template<class Matrix >
bool MatrixTools::isSymmetric (const Matrix &matrix)
 Checks if matrix is symmetric. More...
template<class Matrix >
bool MatrixTools::isSDD (const Matrix &matrix)
 Checks if matrix is symmetric diagonally dominant (SDD). More...
template<typename Matrix >
bool MatrixTools::isLaplacian (const Matrix &matrix)
 Checks if matrix is a Laplacian matrix. More...
template<class Matrix >
NetworKit::Graph MatrixTools::laplacianToGraph (const Matrix &laplacian)
 Computes a graph having the given laplacian. More...
template<class Matrix >
NetworKit::Graph MatrixTools::matrixToGraph (const Matrix &matrix)
 Interprets the matrix as adjacency matrix of a graph. More...