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LinkThresholder.cpp File Reference
#include "LinkThresholder.h"
#include "PredictionsSorter.h"
#include "../auxiliary/Parallel.h"




std::vector< std::pair< node,
node > > 
NetworKit::LinkThresholder::byScore (std::vector< LinkPredictor::prediction > predictions, double minScore)
 Returns the node-pairs whose scores are at least equal to the given minScore. More...
std::vector< std::pair< node,
node > > 
NetworKit::LinkThresholder::byCount (std::vector< LinkPredictor::prediction > predictions, count numLinks)
 Returns the first numLinks highest scored node-pairs. More...
std::vector< std::pair< node,
node > > 
NetworKit::LinkThresholder::byPercentage (std::vector< LinkPredictor::prediction > predictions, double percentageLinks)
 Returns the first percentageLinks percent of the highest scores node-pairs. More...